Make Fitness a Habit: Why you need to ask for help

For those of you who have never, or rarely, engaged in physical activity, you will come to find there is a massive mountain before you. And where are you? Oh, just hanging out at the bottom of the ocean with two cinder blocks chained to your feet.

*Follow along with my two second drawing below as I take you through the journey you are about to embark on*

Facing such impossible odds, it’s no wonder you cringe at even the slightest mentioning of the word fitness. How can you imagine succeeding given your current circumstance? The world has left you to fend for yourself, drowning you in a sea of empty promises and fake solutions.

I have felt this same discouragement, which is one of the reasons I felt so motivated to create Fitness in Five in the first place. In order to get started, each and every one of us needs assistance and I want to personally be your guide, so we can rise above our obstacles together.

Yes, those are binoculars you're holding...

I am here to break your chains away and swim you to the surface for some much needed air. We’ll then head for shore to meet a community of movers and shakers that are ready to get as far away from that stupid ocean as possible.

Once you are back on solid ground, you will dry yourself off, put on your hiking boots, and start trekking up the mountain. Without a second thought, you will find one foot leading the other and begin to feel an unlikely sense of momentum. You will feel invigorated, keeping your head up and your body moving forward.

As time goes by, you will reach base camp and your time in the sea will be a distant memory. You will continue hitting your checkpoints as you overcome various obstacles. Nearing the end, you will find yourself standing at the peak having proudly conquered your impossible goals. But as soon as you think you’ve “made it,” all you have to do is take a look over your shoulder and notice an even higher peak in the distance.

You will laugh to yourself because if there’s one thing you have learned along this journey, it’s that you will always have a new opportunity to make yourself even better.

Never forget your journey is for so much more than your personal accomplishments.

Mirroring the age old cliché “the grass is greener on the other side,” the same can be said when setting out to maximize everything your mind and body are capable of. It is an undeniable fact that you will not live long enough to realize everything your mind and body can do, but I don't want this to give you anxiety.

For sanity's sake, we will always be limited by Father Time and our evolutionary deficiencies. We can't lift a building off its foundation with our bare hands or spin our head around like an owl, but we can accomplish incredible feats that fit within the scope of possibility. And let me point out that we are not even close to reaching these limits.

When you allow yourself to pursue such extreme goals, you will live an unprecedented life. Throughout your journey you will spark inspiration in others. When you embrace the Fitness in Five mentality, you will improve your inner being, but you will also have an immeasurable effect on the people around you. Never forget this journey is about so much more than your personal accomplishments.

When you are able to commit yourself to a life changing habit, your day to day challenges will be a piece of cake. You will go through life with a pep in your step and others will be itching to follow your lead. Be patient with people when this time arrives. Take this opportunity to better the lives of those around you in order to build your own community of change makers.

You are a champion. Now go prove it.

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